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Tolt Farm offers training with a specialization in the Icelandic Horse.  The gait that defines the Icelandic Horse is the tÖlt, which is the Icelandic word for a running walk.  This gait is a smooth, four-beat gait which is maintained with collection and impulsion.  The tÖlt is very comfortable to ride and can be achieved at slow and fast speeds.  We specialize in the training and re-tuning of the tÖlt, and have introduced several Icelandic Horse owners to the beauty of this gait.  We also train and give lessons on other gaited horses.  


At Tolt Farm we focus on bringing out the best in the horse - both on the ground and under saddle.  We work to achieve a calm, fit, and willing horse. 


Training at Tolt Farm usually occurs in two phases.  The horse is worked in a training program according to its needs and fitness level as well as its owner's goals and requirements.  Next, a transition takes place in which the horse owner/rider and horse work together as needed to achieve the full benefit of the training. 


Our program draws on our 40+ years of experience owning, caring for, and training horses and riders in the US as well as in Great Britain, The Bahamas, and France. 


If you are interested in training for your Icelandic horse (we also work with ponies), we offer competitive rates and scheduling.








In addition to riding training, we also offer driving training for both youngsters and adult horses.  We offer everything from tune-ups to restarting as well as breaking and training to the cart.

We begin with basic ground work in long lines and progress through the various stages of training up to and including road work in harness. 

Our goal is to create a willing and relaxed horse who is confident and enjoys thier job as a driving horse. 

We also believe in a structured transition period of driving lessons with the owner to help forge that new positive working relationship between you and your horse.   


Call Anne today at 908-968-0292 for rates and to chat further.




Anne Owen is a master horsewoman who took my out of shape Icelandic and turned him into a lean, beautiful athlete.  My horse had gotten overweight from too much grass and not enough riding.  Anne took him into her barn, rode him 5 days a week and got him out of a lazy 'piggy pace' and back into his smooth tolt.  She retaught him his manners and groomed him beautifully every day.  From top to tail, he now looks and acts like a top notch Icelandic horse.  She is as quick to give a kiss on the nose as she is to correct bad behavior with a stern warning.  This is a woman who truly loves--and is beloved by--her horses.  Her lessons with me gave me a new start on the fine art of Icelandic riding. Highly recommended for anyone looking to entrust their out of shape or 'problem' horse with a first-rate trainer!  


- Cynthia D.




We can't thank you enough for the excellent training and positive results given to our Icelandic mare Aria.  When Aria came to Tolt Farm she was overweight, barn sour, and in need of work on her ground manners.  She also needed a tune-up of all gaits, especially the tolt.  In a short time Aria has met or exceeded all our goals.  Not only did you train our horse to be a better and safer you also taught me to become a better rider and knowledgeable owner.  Training was professional and efficient at all times.  Due to your dedication with loving care to each individual horse, I know Aria has been very happy while at Tolt Farm.  As a bonus we have found new friends with you and your husband.  Do not hesitate to use us for future reference.  Thank you Anne for giving me the tools to be able to ride my Icelandic.

- Sandy and Tim P.



The change in my Icelandic horse Tibra after being in training with Anne was amazing. Both she and I
needed to learn how to get the tolt right but I had a bigger problem. When I rode Tibra, even at a walk, it felt like she was going to fall down. After the first month she felt much better.   She was stronger, better balanced, and had learned how to carry her rider.  After the 2nd month Anne took me on a trail ride and Tibra never made a wrong step. Up and down hills, over logs and through the rocks in the brook. That really showed the progress that Tibra had made while she was in training with Anne.  Now that she is better balanced, Tibra’s tolt is really coming along. During that same trail ride Tibra went into such a smooth fast tolt, it was a great feeling riding her at that gait. In the spring Tibra (and I) will be back for more training, can’t wait. Thank you Anne.     


-Ann R.


"I decided to seek professional help for my Icelandic Nik when I had a serious mounting problem. I searched for a trainer experienced with Icelandic horses and found a magical place and the perfect trainer for Nik and me. Anne of Tolt Farm in Whitehouse Station, New Jersey had Nik standing perfectly still for me within one week.  Then, she began working her magic on Nik and me as a team. She brought me (as an older adult) from the level of a beginning, timid rider to a confident trail blazer who can finally and happily enjoy my  Icelandic horse without fear.  Anne showed me how to find the tolt and stay in that gait for as long as I wanted.  She taught me how to transition from one gait to another and how to make Nik listen to me so that I wasn’t just sitting in a “chair” and hoping it would move!  Yes, I was RIDING my boy and tolting….tolting…tolting through woods and streams and fields!  I strongly urge you to contact Anne if you are seeking that perfect farm---that dream place we all hope to find someday. I found it, and if I had to describe Tolt Farm in one word, it would be------magical!   

I am happy and honored to be a reference for this very magical place. "

- Regina B.


I would like to thank you Anne for all the effort put into Muggur improving  his  gaits and his attitude.  When you started helping me with him he had no gaits left except the pace, he even walked in a pace.  I have him now for almost 11 years, however he was not fully trained when I bought him. We both did not know much about the tolt which was not a good match. He was very upset, because I was always angry at him and he knew he could not please me, this made a very bad situation, but you did change his attitude and mine. He took to you immediately because you were kind to Muggur and understood him. Muggar now walks properly with energy and collection.  He has tolt and canter, he holds the tolt for long periods of time and knows the voice commands and aids for tolt. He is very proud when he tolts and really tries to please me. Thank you Anne for helping me understand my horse better, how to ride his gaits and  be one with my horse. I not only have a much more willing horse now, but also found a great friend in you Anne. Thanks  for putting so much effort into it and making  him a much happier horse.

- Helga 

My mare, Glaeta, recently finished training at Tolt Farm. When she came to Tolt farm she had a very pacy tolt. I could see the results right away.  She now does a slow tolt on the short sides of the ring, a fast tolt on the long sides and loose rein tolt when I ask her.  Her reaction to my leg is almost instant.   Anne worked with Glaeta to get her to use her hind end with more impulsion.  She has a long stiff back that was very hollow.  Anne worked with Glaeta to bend more and lower her head to be more rounded.  I am incorporating the training methods Anne showed me and Glaeta is really responding nicely. Anne has been a huge help to me in improving my riding skills.  She showed me how to ride in a more Icelandic seat. By lowering my stirrups, I sit deeper in the saddle for closer contact and I am positioned to ride the Tolt correctly.   She showed me hand placement, so that I can make speed changes with tiny movements which my horse likes a lot better too!  I’m riding my horse instead of going along for the ride.  Anne instructs with a gentle firmness, you never feel chided or put down.  She has a flair for focusing in on the important things and making sure you see your accomplishments.   I can’t say enough about the care Glaeta receives.  She has a beautiful shiny coat, thicker mane and tail, well muscled body and strong looking hooves. I drive two hours each way weekly to Tolt Farm to ride my horse, experience Anne’s teachings, and have a tea in her charming country kitchen.  It’s a therapeutic and comfortable environment.  Anne makes it that way with her welcoming personality and sense of inclusion. I will be bringing Glaeta to my home now that my barn is ready. I have complete confidence in Anne, as she knows what’s she’s doing.  I have no doubt we will return to Tolt Farm for “Tune-ups” as time goes on!

- Marilyn T
















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